So, why do I have to wear compression hose?

The short answer is; because they can help control leg pain and swelling! Compression hose make the superficial veins smaller so there is less room for excess blood and fluid to accumulate in and around them. They help most people at least a little. They are not a cure. They can only help while you are wearing them, so wear them as much as you can! The goal is to wear them from the time you get up in the morning, until the time you go to bed. We also recommend them whenever you travel. They greatly decrease your risk of DVT (blood clots).

Now, the longer answer is more complicated… All insurance companies have some sort of “conservative management” period in which you have to try wearing compression before they will approve doing any other treatments that are a more long-term solution. The amount of time differs based on your insurance. Also, after almost all of the other treatments that we do, you will need to wear them during the post-op recovery period. They will help control pain, swelling, and bruising after treatments and reduce your risk for a blood clot. It’s a good idea to be accustomed to wearing them before it becomes mandatory!

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