What are Compression Stockings?

support hose compression stockingsCompression stockings are like panty hose but with compression. Compression hose can help treat symptoms of venous insufficiency like leg pain, fatigue, swelling, achy, or unsightly varicose or spider veins. Compression hose apply gradual pressure to the legs starting with tightness at the foot that lessen as it moves up the leg.

You can order compression hose online, box stores, and your insurance company may even pay for support hose if prescribed by a physician.

You should wear compression stockings when you are up on your feet for long periods of time. Compression Stockings can be a little tricky to get on, so we recommend putting them on first thing when you wake up.

We recommend that you sit in a chair while putting them on to help give you stabilization and support. Start at the foot and then the heel of your foot once you get the stocking over your heel, they should pull up easier.

You can hand wash you compression hose and then hang to dry. Compression hose normally last 4-6 months if worn regularly. You can still wear compression stockings if they get a hole so don’t throw them out. Compression Stockings should still be worn after vein ablation procedures to help with any future veins that the body can produce.

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