Mobility is Life

The ability to move, uninhibited, is the greatest gift. Can you do what you want to do without limitations? Lack of activity can quickly lead to immobility, especially among the older members of our population. The less you move, the less you want to move, then it hurts when you move, so you move less, then you are less able to move, and the cycle repeats. So basically, move it or loose it.

Fortunately, the opposite is also true. Regular exercise will make you feel better, so you want to move more, and are able to do more, so you can keep doing the things you want to do for as long as you want to do them. It doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to go to the gym, or have any equipment. Take a walk, do a body weight workout, use things around the house as weights (water bottles, cans, kids…) The benefits are numerous!

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